Ashlee Stanna

Ashlee Stanna Before Ashlee Stanna After

Since finishing year 12 in 2010 I gradually put on 10 kilos or more and as of last year, me and everyone around me were noticing. Around Christmas time last year 2011 I decided my new year Resolution was to lose a whole lot of weight, I wanted a whole transformation! I wanted people who hadn’t seen me in a while not to recognize me at first glance! I was very determined to make a difference and show people what I’m capable of. January 2012 I started eating foods which were a lot better for me in smaller potions and exercising as much as I possibly could when I wasn’t working! I was still feeling hungry after all my meals and exercising so I knew it wasn’t going to give me the massive change I wanted. Month went by and I had lost 4 kilos, doesn’t seem like much but enough for people to realize.

This is what inspired me to loose more an work harder! I needed a eating plan to live by where I wasn’t left hungry and I was supplying my body with good nutrients. I’d came across Ashys bikini body challenge but I knew with work I’d never get the time, then I came across the eating plan! I was so happy I purchased it straight away. From week one I was amazed! I wasn’t left hungry, I loved the food and it was working like fuel for all my exercise! After one month of sticking to this eating plan and exercising  after work whenever I can I have dropped another 6.5 kilos!!! That’s 11.5 kg in 2 months!! Ashys plan is a lifestyle change which I’m seriously never going to stop I love it and it obviously loves me :)

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