Andrea J

Andrea J Before Andrea J After

You know … i had my prescription ready to go to the chemist and get duromine  i honestly dont know how i came across the bikini challenge  but when i saw the photos and the link to the clean eating plan  i had 2 roads to choose from  DUROMINE or ASHY BINES ive never been as happy as i am now since starting the plan!  this is the best road ive taken in life so far! the road of ASHY BINES clean eating plan where it will change my life, my appearance and my eating habits FOREVER not just for a month!!

not only has your eating plan helped me to lose weight but has also educated me more in fitness and how to eat , most importantly it got rid of my view of “when trying to lose weight it isnt just about going to the “gym” and still eating what you want” 80% of weight loss is from what you eat and nobody could have taught me that better than you Ashy!! so iv scrapped my old thinking view on weight loss and conquered yours and guess what it was SUCCESFULL

Without you & the girls on the forum with the advice, the support, the tips ive realised….  if you really want to lose weight you cant start alone … i strongly believe the reason why i have stuck to your plan is bcoz of the ongoing support in the group on facebook as well as SEEING RESULTS!!!!

ill keep it short and simple – i know ill write an essay lol

i started 18march 86kgs 168cm -even though we’re not meant to focus on KGS i am happy to say that i have lost 4kgs, my main focus are my clothes… my jeans are now loose and i will keep wearing them until i cant stand pulling them up any more!!


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