Molly McGuire

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I started the New Year with a resolution like billions of people – to lose weight and tone up. You could probably call it a quarter-life crisis really, I needed a change in a big way. I bought the clean eating plan, started to research and got inspired. I joined a gym and made a schedule. Something snapped and I knew I was ready to dedicate myself this time.
This is after 6 weeks of clean eating and exercising 6 times a week at the gym. I have lost 7kg, 30cm total – 12cm off my waist and 9cm off my hips! I have slipped up three times but now I learn from my mistakes, analyse why I chose to eat that popcorn and find better way to fix the issue.
I feel very lucky to have stumbled across Ashy Bines and this awesome, no-nonsense plan. This is not a fad diet – it’s a lifestyle change. The plan is easy to follow, uses everyday foods and recipes, and gives you flexibility to tailor it to your lifestyle.

I have never lasted more than one week on a diet. I’ve read the diet books, tried to simply eat healthy food but it never really stuck. I needed the hard and fast rules – ‘this is what you eat when and why’.
The clean eating plan and forum of over 1,000 inspirational girls that are just like me has changed the way I think and feel about food. When I have a question I just ask on the forum and receive great, practical answers from Ashy, her team of PTs and ASN experts. I can’t believe all this support cost me just $69 for the plan – best money I have ever spent.
There’s no ‘secret’ to getting the body you want, it’s just a super combination of expert knowledge, ongoing support and believing in a healthy way of life that teaches you to fuel your body. I was an emotional eater, sugar addict and tired all the time, now I’m training my mind you kick the bad habits and use exercise to manage stress and boredom. I was never a morning person now I’m out of bed at 5am five days a week. I’m feeling so good I have extended my goals, before I wanted to be under 60kgs, now I want abs!
I recommend the plan to everyone I know and am a clean eating convert. I love it and can’t believe how simple it is to nourish your body properly when you have the knowledge. I am so glad I took the plunge and can’t wait to see my progress after 12 weeks

$7.00 USD