Tihana Before Tihana After

Hi Ashy,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your clean eating plan.

I have gone from feeling frumpy and looking a bit round to feeling fantastic and looking even better!!

I’m 3 weeks in and I absolutely love the changes to my body – I am happy, more energetic, I actually enjoy going to the gym – I feel a whole lot healthier and I definitely look it. I find that I also don’t crave bad food as much as I used to and that is a blessing in disguise – I am yet to venture out and eat out but I’m sure I will be able to eat sensibly with the tips you have given us.

The other thing which I absolutely love is the facebook forum – it picks me up when I have a bad day and no motivation to go and exercise and it gives us girls an opportunity to share our experience with others and share tips and trick and of course most importantly RECIPES!

Love your work

$7.00 USD