Jill Larson

Jill Larson Before Jill Larson After

first of all THANK YOU!!!! ahhh! i am so excited for like every day because i feel so healthy and alive!! ive always kinda struggled with my weight but somehow still had confidence and thought oh this tight dress looks good on me haha but now that tight dress WILL actually look good on me! haha when i was in highschool i was overweight and i’ll never forget i overheard a guy in my grade call me fat and i ran to the phone and called my mom crying, that summer i lost 40pounds(im from the states so bare with my weight conversions haha) and i kept most of it off but would fluctuate. i moved to australia and discovered surfers end of story i was partying all the time, eating after partying then hungover eating and ijust gained and gained. i always called myself fat but of course everyone around me said i wasn’t.

i might not have been the biggest girl but i knew i was big for myself and i needed to get healthy it wasn’t so much about being skinny to me it was just about being comfortable. all my friends were those twigs you see in surfers and then there was me haha so i always kinda felt out of place. i was home on vacation this past decemeber when a friend of mine asked if anyone wanted to do your challenge and i thought it was just a bikini challenge so i was seeing what she was getting herself into, and then i went on your page and realized what it was, i sat debating if i should get it with my mom but just figured it was just another diet thing that wouldn’t work and i would’ve wasted more money on. so i flew back to australia and i saw the girl kristy’s photos she put up and she looked crazy with how much smaller she had gotten in a month and i waas like bullshit! there is no way! and then you had your v-dayspecialand i was like ok jilllets just giver’ a go it’s 39 bucks who cares.  the first week of my healthy eating i had lost 5kg and i was like no way! and i could see changes in just a week! i literally couldn’t believe it! i was so proud of myself for sticking with it and actually enjoying it. like it was like a competition with my mind if i could do it or not and i actually love waking up getting my dog ready to go for a walk comin home planningmy meals for the day, like im a nut with it now ! haha i scare myself hahacuaseim such a health freak now! i look at things i usually would have drooled over and think eww! i started at 70kg and now weigh 63kg i always used to think it was about weight and numbers but now im concentrating more on being toned, what areas are and what aren’t. my legs and butt are still my enemy but i will get them into shape! i seriously enjoy this way of living! and i owe and HUGE thank you to you and your courage to go ahead and do this for not only yourself but to help all the girls like me, want to feel at their best! you truly don’t understand how greatful all of us are for you and how big of an impact you’ve made on all of our lives! there’s not enough thank yous i can say to you! i keep telling my family to try this i give them tips on what to do etc, because i just want us all to be the healthiest we can be! so honestly thank you fromt he bottom of my heart for helping me find the inner strength i had to overcome all my bad eating habits and gain the strength to follow this amazing new lifestyle!! xoxoxoxxoxoxo

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