Chloe Before Chloe After

Hey Ashy,
I'm Chloe, 20 years old and 178cm. At the beginning of the year (2012) I weighed 97kgs and if I was told by the beginning of 2013 I would be 28 kilos lighter I would've laughed, never thinking it was possible. I lost the first 7kgs by myself eating what I thought was healthy, then I couldn't lose anymore. Just over 6months ago I found Ashy's plan, and since then have lost a further 21kgs. I have learn't so much about food, and enjoy exercising on a daily basis, running and weight training. I still have a few kgs to lose and a lot more toning to do, all to come in 2013! Happy new year and thank you Ashy!

$7.00 USD