Mandy Before Mandy After

2010 I realised that food was controlling my body more than my mind was, so it began with some pictures which made me realise it was time to change and stop making excuses. To stop binge eating and emotional eating because i wasn't happy with the person looking back at me in the mirror and wanted more for myself! Not much happened except a lot of bad food going into my body and many silent tears, some diet shakes and more bad food.
It wasnt until 2012 that I was introduced to Ashys clean eating Guidelines, thank you to my friend Kirsti Williams x Ashy has quite literally educated me on what good food is and that it is fuel for the body and not there for comfort! My before photos are me at my biggest 90kgs approx. and I am currently 74.9kgs and can say that I am so much stronger and happier. Im not finished yet! Getting married in March so I'm determined to look good and feel sexy!
Cheers Mandy xo

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