Mel Before Mel After

Hi Ashy & Team,

Here are my before and after shots. Been at it now for 6 weeks, I've lost 8.5kg and 31cms all over. I have unfortunately had some big slip ups along the way (my worst offender being maccas and icecream - 3 times!!) And I have allowed myself sauces and milk in my coffee (to ease in so I know I'd stick to it in the beginning). My story, I had my 3rd bub 9 weeks ago and my baby weight has had very little time to shift as I have a 3yr old, a 2yr old and also had a miscarriage after my 2yr old but before this baby. I worked really hard on the exercise side of things after Liam (my 2yr old) and the miscarriage but I always always struggled with food. I got stronger but didn't lose any weight/fat. My naturopath had warned me against the dangers of sugar but you explained it so I understood. I have always had an obsessive approach to my appearance in the past and always struggled with the eating side of things. I used to starve myself 10yrs ago in highschool and I was 57kg at 6feet tall! Then I switched to bingeing and emotional eating under stress, which lead to the kilos piling on. I have had my emotional moments in the last 6weeks, some have lead to 'small' binges (compared to old days) but to my surprise some I have thought through enough and decided I don't need the food for the stress, food is my fuel. I think it is a pretty long journey ahead but I really hope these last 6weeks are an indication of how the next 6 and the next 6 after that go.

Thankyou so much for making this plan and forum available, and thankyou to my
dedicated trainer who has been in my shoes. I am very blessed!

Love Mel.

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