Aleesha Before Aleesha After

Hey guys so I'm 21 I'm going to upload a photo of me at my biggest, at the time I didn't think I was big... Dunno what I was thinking aha. Over the past year I have tried everything from shakes to dukan diet to detox they all work until you get tired of the taste an bored of the bland flavours then the weight comes back on harder and faster and before you know it ur back to square one. My friend put me on to Ashy and it has been a long 6 months I have given up I have been on holiday an enjoyed every cocktail, meal and treat I had, when I got back from Bali I realised I really need to do something...but then Christmas came along... More excuses... But then my very good friend asked me to be her bridesmaid... This was the turn around point for me... So first of Jan this year I have not looked back myself and the other bridesmaids support each other with fitness "bridal bootcamp" I don't eat 100% clean all the time but I have stopped drinking and all carbs ect. I'm doing it at my own pace that I know I'll stick to. I have a year till the wedding to get to my goal weigh of 60-65 ill be happy with anything in between . It hasn't been easy I work shift work and some days I don't want to wake up and exercise but I think to myself I don't want to be the only one rolling down the isle when the rest are walking. Can't wait for what the future holds

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