Alexandria Codds

Alexandria Codds Before Alexandria Codds After

I started clean eating three weeks ago and cannot thank you enough for this new lifestyle! I have always been pretty active with playing basketball and going to the gym. However the one thing I never thought about changing was my eating habits. Then I came across this way of clean eating and I am never looking back. I never even ate green vegetables and have always been a picky eater, however now I enjoy every clean meal I make and am so motivated to finally see some real results. I do not have a huge amount of kg’s to loose, I started at 59kg and now 57kg after three weeks.

I am more interested in muscle gain and toning my tummy, butt and thighs. I currently do my morning FBW 5-6 times a week and do weights at the gym 5x a week in the afternoons.

Alexandria Dodds< 3 weeks of clean eating

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