Maddy Before Maddy After

Hi Ashy,

I have currently been on your eating plan since New Years Day, as of course to become fit and healthy was my NY Resoloution, I have always been self concious about my body and my image and have had tried various diets such as Tony Ferguson/Celebrity Slim, Magic diet pills, cutting out carbs completely and even NOT eating at all…

They were “diets” I couldn’t stick to and felt so tired and exhausted on all the time! Until a friend recommended ABBBC I received my eating plan when I signed up for the Burleigh Challenge and have never looked back! I have gained a wealth of Knowledge and support from all the trainers and the girls on the forum (that I am admittedly addicted to!) I lost 5kilos before I even started the exercising from just sticking to your eating plan, since starting the challenge I have gained a lot of muscle, lost a little weight but also have lost almost 9% body fat and we’re only half way through the challenge! Bring on the next 6 Weeks! I am happy to recommend the Eating Plan and Challenge to anyone who’ll listen and can’t wait to do the next one!

Maddy xxx

$7.00 USD