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Hi Ashy,

Not sure where to start…but im sure you will make something of it :)

I am 33 and a busy mummy of 5 gorgeous babies My eldest is 14 and youngest is 3.

Jemah 14

Britney 13

Ethan 11

Joshua 7.5

Holli-Jade 3

I am also a freelance photographer in Adelaide.

My weight issues started after my 4th child Joshua born July 04 (now 7.5) was born, i got quite sick after having him and lost lots of weight i was a very unhealthy 50ks and 163cm… I was too thin and always sick.

My Dr said there was nothing wrong with me… eat a better diet she said! Easier said than done unfortunately!!

I was brusing easily and had a period every 2 weeks, my eyes were always bloodshot and the bags under them were horrid!

I started to put on weight thru out the winter 07  and by summer i was almost 60kg… only to find out we were pregnant… with twins!!

We got to 21 weeks End of Feb 08 and miscarried. By the end of April 08 i was preg again… my worst nightmare so soon.

In july 08 my brother passed away, Sept 08 our son was diagnosed with Aspergers and high functioning Autism, At this point..the depression set in along with binge eating while i was pregnant… then came the stress which bought on the High bp resulting in pre eclampsia. Thankfully… Jan 09 i had a very healthy baby girl Holli-Jade, now 3yrs old!

All i lost was a bit of baby weight :( i was stuck around 75kg and i stayed there untill i got sick again, this time bloods were taken and full investigation of my body started… my result… HymoliticAneamia… We all know how Leukemia works… this is very simular but NOT cancer related (unless its not delt with)

With this came Steriod injections every 3 to 6 months to help my blood levels rise… after a yr of treatment nothing was really working… my levels were up but they would drop. I was tired, would sleep for hours and had NO energy to do anything with my kids at all

I was advised while on the treatments NO HEAVY workouts or id end up looking like those female body builders :\

So, only i stuck to just light cardio, but since i was STILL binge eating no amount of exercise was ever going to help me!!

September 2011 was my last treatment, i have given up and i am sick of being jabbed and my weight yoyo-ing, what ever happens, happens from this point onward!!

This year January 26th we went to the beach for Australia Day, It was HOT & very windy… while we were on the beach my friend took a pic of me

Then posted it to Facebook…. while i was rather embaressed at my size in which i didnt think i was really that big… this photo was the biggest wake up call ever!!! I WAS FAT, looking at that image now… with of all the binging i had done… Argh what was i thinking?!

A friend of ours &hubbys long time best mate who is a PT,  is a member of Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge FB Page, told me to go and enquire about this plan, to me at the time… prob just another fad diet thing i’ll never put to use!!  But i thought id try it anyway, after all there is no harm in trying right??

And here i am 5 weeks later and 9kilos lighter & not once have i had a huge binge, yes fell of the wagon a couple of times but who hasnt? I couldnt be happier with my results, Not only that but i have energy i never thought id have… when the kids want to go somewhere or do something we are outta here with no hesitation at all! I can only thank you Ashy and all of the girls on the forum for the endless amount of support & motivation, who would ever think that never being able to meet them all would do such a thing?!

Last week i had my bloods taken (no results til friday 9th March) but i am hoping they have risen on their own. Even the nurse said i looked like a million dollars, my eyes are brighter my skin is clear and i actually look happy!

Lyn xo

$7.00 USD