Vanessa Scott

Vanessa Scott Before Vanessa Scott After

At 77kgs I always knew that I needed to lose a bit of weight but it was never a priority. When I fell pregnant I started to gain weight but I justified it with the baby needing more food and I didn't want to jeopardise his health. When I was 9 months pregnant someone said something to me about my weight and it made me so upset an determined to lose the weight once I had my little boy. After I had him I began clean eating and exercising daily. It was hard at first but when I started losing the kgs it made me more determined. I didn't have that much knowledge on the nutrition side of things so I just cut out all sugars and most carbs. I ended up losing just over 40kgs and I am now down to 59kgs. When I heard of the Ashy Bines program I was a little hesitant then a friend told me how amazing it was. I got it and have been so happy to finally be eating yummy clean food. And I've learnt how to substitute some foods with others that are healthy. My fav is the banana protein muffins. When I'm feeling like something sweet I eat these. I make the food daily and will continue to do so. Thanks Ashy!

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