Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Diet Plan come with recipes?

Yes, Ashy has put together her favourite recipes to share with you all, not only that but girls are sharing recipes all the time with each other so it never gets boring.

Will I be able to follow the plan if I have limited time?

Most definitely! Most main meals only take between 5-10 minutes and if you are always in a rush in the morning. Its best to cook and prepare your meals the night before, so in the morning its nice and easy for you to grab on the run.

Can I ever have too many vegetables?

Depends on what veggies, Greens - NO, Potatoes - YES.

I am a vegetarian, will the plan be suitable for me?

We currently have many vegetarians successfully applying the guidelines to their way of life – by making simple swaps like substituting tofu into the recipes requiring meat you will find that the guidelines can definitely cater to you. You will see that almost all of the recipes are made with a significant amount of fruit and vegetables and sometimes no meat at all.

Is this plan ok for breastfeeding or pregnant women?

Every mum and baby is different. We advise that you speak with your doctor first and ask what they think. These guidelines offer foods that are high in protein and low in sugar and bad carbohydrates. There is not much dairy or starch and some women may need ingredients like these to provide the necessary nutrients for their child. These guidelines are all about eating food in its freshest and most natural form. You can still consume the recommended amount of calories as advised by your doctor whilst pregnant but steer clear of the supplements advised. There is a section in the plan written by a prenatal nurse with some tips, tricks and advice so we have catered for all women but at the end of the day we say to speak with your doctor first before embarking on any diet or exercise plans whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will the diet plan suit me if I am choosy about food?

Yes. If you don't like something, you can simply swap it with any of the other options given for both meals and snacks.

I work long hours. Will the plan still suit me?

Yes! I also work very long hours. It's all about taking the time to prepare your meals the night before and keep snacks handy, as listed in the guidelines. Keep them in your handbag or fridge at work.

How quickly can I expect results?

According to mine and my girls' experiences, you will begin to see results in 2-4 weeks.

Will I be able to follow the plan if I am pressed for time?

Absolutely, most of the meals within the guidelines can be made in 10 minutes or less. There are also sections within the guidelines recommending which foods can be stored for how long so you can plan and cook ahead when you know you will be busy.

Do I get an actual day to day meal plan?

There is a sample meal plan for weight loss and a sample meal plan for maintenance in the guidelines however this document was created to offer you freedom with what you eat as opposed to telling you exactly what to eat at every meal. We have given you a long list of options to pick and choose from for your meals so you can remain clean and healthy whilst not feeling like you are on a super strict regimen. This was designed to fit easily into your lifestyle and become a part of your routine, without feeling like it has to rule your life.

Is it expensive to eat the way Ashy eats?

Most girls on the forum say that it is not. It is cheaper to eat healthy and clean than it is to purchase takeaway and junk food on a regular basis. It also depends on whether or not you choose to invest in organic food, which can sometimes cost a bit more. The general consensus is that there isn't much difference between my girls' grocery bills before they started using the guidelines, and after they started.

Is this a once off payment?

Yes just one payment which gains you lifetime access to our private forum with me, personal certified trainers and over 50,000 girls all on the same journey, your clean eating guidelines and a bonus document 'day in the life of Ashy Bines' also your recipe book of all of Ashy's Favourite recipes and also includes 12 months of subscription emails.

Is this plan suitable for VEGANS?

Yes, absolutely! A vegan meal plan is included.

What does Ashy mean by 24/7 support?

We have a FB forum for women only to interact socially with other women who are on the same journey. As this forum is filled with women from across the world, you are always going to get interaction and support from these women 24/7. If you require other assistance than mentioned above send us an email via our CONTACT US tab. We have a team dedicated to customer service that work 7 days a week, the hours vary in order to meet the needs of our customers across the world. We take pride in replying to emails promptly and do our very best to ensure all emails are responded to within 24 hours, during busy times this maybe longer.

Does it come with an exercise plan?

It doesn't come with a specific exercise plan, however we do provide exercise tips.

Is this a book that gets sent out to me by mail?

What you are purchasing is a service. Therefore it cannot be sent out via post. When you sign up you will be sent an email with login details and directions to login to the forum. These may be referred to as an eBooks or PDFs. The diet plan remains the copyright property of Clean Eating International Pty Ltd BN 159 669 780 when purchasing this we give you permission to access, download and print only. As per our T&Cs it is not to be copied, distributed or used for any other purpose except as a tool to assist you on your journey. The service that you have purchased includes access to the diet plan, access and ongoing use of the forum (keeping in mind conditions of use) and 12 months of subscription emails. To ensure the service provided is delivered to you at a high standard we have the support mentioned above to assist you every step of the way.

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